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My Platform


Community & Public Safety

A safe city with family safe neighbourhoods is my greatest priority. I am a father of four with six grandchildren. As Chilliwack has grown as a City, so to has the crime and related issues such as homelessness and drug addiction. While there may be other strategies, I believe the most effective one will be an integrated approach which includes all levels of Government, the Judicial system, and the many support agencies and societies which support social housing, mental health, and addictions counselling. Without an aggressive, integrated approach, we will continue in the current cycle where homelessness is the result of drug abuse, mental health issues, and hopelessness.

Parks & Recreation

We are a more affordable city for young families, long-time residents and retirees alike. As we continue to grow it is critical that our green spaces, family safe parks and trails, and recreational facilities also continue to grow and expand.  Opportunities for healthy and active lifestyles are vital to our community’s wellness.

Affordable Tax Structure for Families and Businesses

A continued affordable and competitive tax structure for both home owners and businesses, combined with the attraction of the unparalleled beauty of Chilliwack and area will ensure our city’s attractiveness and financial health for decades to come.